Posts Explained

Creating a new Ad.

Click "Post an Ad" from the right corner. Fill up sections and your account will be created automatically while posting an Ad. You will get your login details and password to your e-mail.

Step by Step:

1. Click "Post an Ad" (in the right corner).

2. Select your category.

3. Fill up your details and upload your image(s).

4. Preview your Ad and make sure you have filled up your details correctly.

5. If you have a gift voucher, write it in the empty field.

6. Get more visibility by selecting your Ad as Premium.

7. Now you can publish your Ad. If you don't have a gift voucher, you will proceed to CCBILL payment provider.

8. Payment will appear. Fill up your payment details.

9. Post will be live.

10. User account will be created automatically (you will receive an e-mail with a password to be able to edit your Ads).


How to edit my Ad?

Log in to your account panel and go to "My Advertisements". You can edit your Ads there.

Where will my Ad appear?

Your Ad will be shown in following places:

1. On WikiSexGuide Classifieds.

2. Premium Ads will be always on the top of the lists in WikiSexGuide Classifieds.

3. Few latest Premium Ads will be shown also on the WikiSexGuide Main Page.

How can I verify my Ads?

Your Ads will be verified automatically at the first time when you log in to your account with the password which has been sent to your e-mail. By verifying your Ads you will receive a "Verified" stamp. Your Ads will be more reliable for your customers.

How much does it cost to post an Ad?

Read more about Pricing.


How do I change my photos?

You can change you photos from your own account panel, simply by clicking "My Advertisements" and you can edit all your images. To upload a new photo, choose a photo from your library and your photo will appear. Recommended maximum size is 5MB per image.


You don't have my city in your location list. Can I add it?

If you cannot find your city from our location list, you can Contact Us and we will add your location as soon as possible.

Premium Ad. What is it?

Premium Ad is highlighted with a blue background. Premium Ads are always on the top of the Classifieds lists. Few latest Premium Ads are also shown on WikiSexGuide Main Page. Premium Ads are the most visible Ads. Premium Advertising greatly helps to increase your traffic and views!

What are the prices of Premium Ads?

See: Pricing

I cannot make a link to my website. Why is that?

Website links are available only for Premium Ads. In Premium Ads it's allowed to link only one website address. There is a specific field for website address when you are posting an Ad. WikiSexGuide reserves the right to delete the website links from the description text. With normal Ads customers can still send you e-mails and call your phone number.

I added photos to my Ad description field but I cannot see them. Why is that?

WikiSexGuide reserves the right to delete the photos from the description field. There are exact places for uploading your photos, not in the description field.

I cannot remember my password to my account. How can I get it back?

You can have your password sent to your e-mail. Click here: Send My Password

Payment support? 

If you need help with the CCBILL payment service provider contact here.

If you are unable to find the answers from the frequently asked questions above, please feel free to contact our support at Contact Us.