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Basic Ad:                    Basic Ads are sold in four different packages. They are valid for 7 days, 14 days, 30 days or 90                                     days.

Basic Ad costs:         1 week (7 days)         =    14.90 (EUR)

                                    2 weeks (14 days)     =    €25.90 (EUR), save €3.90

                                    1 month (30 days)     =    €45.90 (EUR), save €17.96

                                    3 months (90 days)   =    €89.10 (EUR), save €102.47 !! Our recommendation of Basic Ads.

Premium Ad:               Premium Ads are highlighted with a blue background. Premium Ads are always on the top of the                                         Classifieds lists. Few latest Premium Ads are also shown on WikiSexGuide Main Page. Premium Ads are                                         the most visible Ads. Premium Advertising greatly helps to increase your traffic and views!

Premium Ad costs:     1 week (7 days)            =    Basic Ad price 14.90 + 0.99 per day (total €21.83 EUR)

                                      2 weeks (14 days)        =    Basic Ad price €25.90 + 0.99 per day (total €39.76 EUR)

                                      1 month (30 days)        =    Basic Ad price €45.90 + 0.99 per day (total €75.60 EUR)

                                      3 months (90 days)      =    Basic Ad price €89.90 + 0.49 per day (total €133.20 EUR) When you                                                                                   make your 3 month Ad Premium, you will pay only 0.49 more per                                                                                          day! This is WikiSexGuide's recommendation and the best value for                                                                                   your money.

If you would like to purchase Premium Ads later, you have to post a new Ad and purchase the Premium at the same time.